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Getting off the foamie – and onto your first “real” surfboard: what to look for

This is Part 2 of my three-part series on surfboard buying – what to look for when upgrading to your first “real” surfboard (i.e. something that is hard, whether it’s fibreglass or an epoxy pop-out). If you want to read Part 1 (what to look for when buying your first foamie surfboard), you can find it here. If you’re not quite sure whether you are ready to upgrade to a hardboard, have a read of Part 1 first.

For me, surfing is all about progression – setting yourself goals, hitting them and seeing concrete evidence of your improvement. Or sometimes, backward decline (especially when you haven’t been able to spend enough time in the water *ahem*).

I think that the most visible (and exciting) marker of improvement for someone just starting out is upgrading to a new surfboard. So without further ado, below are some tips on how to approach buying your first “real” surfboard.  Continue reading “Getting off the foamie – and onto your first “real” surfboard: what to look for”

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Buying a second-hand surfboard: what to look for

When I just started on my surfing journey, I extended my quiver by 100% (i.e. I had one surfboard, and then I decided to buy another one). Now, I knew there was a good chance that I would destroy any surfboards with my kooky ways. I was also hoping to progressively step down in size, and taking my budget as a gainfully unemployed beach bunny into account, I made the thrifty decision to buy a “new” one second-hand. Looking around, I realised I could save myself about half the price of a new board, that’s fairly decent!

For anyone thinking of doing the same thing, here are some tips for your (first) second-hand board purchase. Continue reading “Buying a second-hand surfboard: what to look for”

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Your first surfboard – some double entendres to remember!

I always think learning from someone who is just a few steps ahead of you is useful because the advice they impart is often the most accessible and immediately relevant, so I wrote this post to pass on my “first board” experience.

Bear with my double entendres below!

1. Big and thick is always better

More experienced surfers often misjudge (or forget) how difficult the mere act of standing up on a board, or catching a wave, can be for a beginner. Continue reading “Your first surfboard – some double entendres to remember!”